USC Student Application Process

The course is open to advanced undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students. For undergraduates, we accept Junior and Senior standing, 3.5 minimum GPA. Students need to have 64 units completed by the end of Spring 2019.

If you are interested in the course, you will need to apply by February 20th by emailing the following materials to Prof. Marientina Gotsis –

  • 1-page statement describing your academic and personal background, interests, and travel experience; also explain why you think you will benefit from this class and what you want to accomplish.
  • CV or resume (include your GPA)*
  • portfolio link (if applicable) – p.s. don’t go crazy making a new website from scratch if you do not have one; send what you have and describe your work a bit more in your statement.*
  • formal writing sample technical, creative, or scientific (optional 1-3 samples of papers, reports, websites, etc.)*
  • copy of your current passport
  • 1 brief (300 words) recommendation letter (emailed directly to*

*waived if you have already taken a class with Marientina Gotsis or you are a current or former mentored student.

If you are interested, but need more time to apply, email and explain your situation.

USC student applications decisions will be made by March 5, 2019 so that students will have enough time for travel arrangements.