USC Student Application Process

The course is open to advanced undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students. For undergraduates, we accept Junior and Senior standing, 3.5 minimum GPA (or very close to it). Students need to have 64 units completed by the end of Spring 2020.

If you are interested in the course, you will need to apply by January 19th  Feb 6th (extended) by emailing the following materials to Prof. Marientina Gotsis –

  1. A 300-word statement describing your academic and personal background, interests, and travel experience; also explain why you think you will benefit from this class and how it may advance your creative, scholarly, or professional practice.
  2. A 300-word abstract relevant to the workshop theme that describes a current or speculative project you want to work on (e.g., film, paper, etc.) – OPTIONAL
  3. A CV or resume of any length (include your GPA)*
  4. Portfolio link(s) of any media (if applicable) – p.s. don’t go crazy making a new website from scratch if you do not have one; send links of what you have and describe your work a bit more in your statement.*
  5. Formal writing samples: technical, creative, or scientific (1-3 samples of papers, reports, websites, etc.)*
  6. A copy of your current passport (even if expired)
  7. Contact info of 2 references or 1 written letter of recommendation emailed directly to the instructor
  8. If you have any plans to bring professional gear into museums and cultural heritage sites with the intention of photography or filming to produce professional media, prepare to be chased away unless you have applied for and received permission by the Ministry of Culture. Each museum and cultural site may have their own regulations. Greece is very sensitive to analog and digital cultural poaching, appropriation, and privacy rules.

*waived/optional if you have already taken a class with Marientina Gotsis (e.g., CTIN 503 Spring 2019) or you are a current or former mentored student.

If you are interested, but need more time to apply, email and explain your situation.

USC student applications decisions will be made by February 3rd.

Additional administrative requirements will be posted that must be completed in a timely manner for your participation in the course. Booking early will also guarantee cost savings.

Tentative Schedule:

Acceptance Decisions sent to students: Feb 3 Feb 10 (extended)

Students sign Intent to Register Agreement: Feb 28

Students Register: Mar 27

Students send Passport/Visa: April 10

All Travel Booked: April 10

Orientation Meeting: April 17 week sometime

Students Forms/fees are due: April 30