Before & After Travel


March – Students receive course acceptance notices.

April – Students meet once with instructor for brief interview.

May – Students receive initial reading list, bios and contact information of classmates.

July 10-16 =Week 1 of class (2 meetings. 2 hours each via Skype):

  • Overview of location, logistical, and safety information.
  • Discussion of selected readings on core concepts.

Confirm groups and project foci; discuss documentation and journaling logistics (Emerson, R. M., Fretz, R. I., & Shaw, L. L. (2011). Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes.Contemporary Sociology (2nd Edition). Chicago, IL, USA: University of Chicago Press)


Aug 1-6  = Week 4 of class(2 meetings. 2 hours each via Skype):

  • Trip debrief; discuss how to complete projects (edit videos, documentation for website, etc.)
  • Discuss final form of projects and next steps for research.

All work is due for grading no later than August 6, 2019.