About the Course

This NEW summer course taught in Heraklion (Island of Crete, Greece) is a collaboration between the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Crete (UoC).

The rapid evolution of technology combined with the constant need for validated interventions in the fields of human health and development requires intimate collaborations between arts, science, and the humanities. The ultimate goal for this course is not the development of new technologies but the investigation of interventions that can reduce unnecessary physical and mental suffering (“ataraxia”). Guided by this philosophical principle rooted in Epicurean philosophy, the course will demonstrate how successful creation, curation, implementation and evaluation of a “compassionate technology” can provide an experience of high “eudaimonic” value for creators, patients, and health professionals. The theme for this first year of the summer school is the exploration of theory and interventions that can help with the evaluation and rehabilitation of the human sense of balance (equilibrioception) with a special emphasis on audiovisual methods, including virtual reality, but also analog means. 

The course consists of a foundation series followed by a themed practicum. The practicum is optional for UoC applicants.

Foundations & Practicum Description

Lectures, games, film screenings, and interactive experiences introducing a lifespan perspective, compassionate care, experiential design, and narrative medicine.

Practicum Theme: Evaluation & Rehabilitation of the Human Sense of Balance

Art, media, and technology interventions applied to developmental disorders, trauma, injury, neurodegenerative disorders, chronic illness, and palliative care.

How do I enroll in the course?

USC students must apply by February 20th to be eligible to enroll to the IML 543 Transdisciplinary Media Design Practicum course. UoC and other students from Greece must apply and enroll to the UoC Summer Programs separately. See page for Greek students.

Course Duration

USC and UoC participants will work together in-person from July 17-25.

UoC participants will have to apply separately if they wish to proceed with the practicum portion of the course which ends July 31.

USC students have extra meeting and deliverable requirements the week before and after the core program (starting July 10 and ending August 6th).